The following links provide further information and helpful resources about Australian and Thai Visas:

Thai Visa Resources:

Thai Visa Forum: News and information about visas and migration for Thailand and Thai citizens.

Thai Visa Express:  Australian visa applications for Thai citizens, including how to bring Thai girlfriends to Australia. Web resources for Thailand. Articles, reports and reviews.

Visit Thailand Info: Information about Thai visas and travel guide for tours, hotels, adventure holidays, weather, climate, and culture.

Australian Visa Resources:

Australian Visa Forum: The Australia Forum for visas, immigration and migration to Australia.

Australian Visa Forum: Useful information about visas and migration to Australia for Thai citizens, Tourist visas and partner visa applications for Thai citizens.

Australian Embassy Bangkok: Visa & migration official government site.

Department Of Immigration Australia: Further information about Australian migration.

VFS Australian Visa Application Thailand: – VFS (Thailand) Ltd currently has an agreement with the Australian Embassy Bangkok to provide Australian visa application services in Thailand. Applicants can lodge their visa application with VFS in person at the Australian Visa Application Centre in Bangkok.




Australian Visa Express:

Our Visa Services:

We can assist you with the following types of Australian Visas:

  • Tourist Australian Visas
  • Fiance(e) (Prospective Marriage) Australian Visas
  • Spouse Australian Visas
  • Partner Australian Visas
  • Student Australian Visas
  • Work Holiday Australian Visas

Overturning “Visa Rejected” Decisions

Overturning “Visa Rejected” decisions is one of our strengths. If you need help to contest the Australian immigration decision, please let us know.

Contacting Our Immigration Advisers

The secret of success to obtaining Australian Visas is all about the presentation of the information to the Visa bureau decision-makers. Our immigration experts have dealt with visa applications for decades and are completely familiar with the issues that you are dealing with. Knowing precisely what to present, the parts to emphasise, the parts to downplay, and how to position the application to get a “Visa Accepted” decision, is a skilled technique. Immigration decision-makers have to deal with hundreds of cases at any given time, and if there is any doubt, they are inclined to question the veracity of the applicant. This is precisely where our advisers can make the difference. Our immigration specialists will be able to openly discuss all of your issues and worries, and in confidence, can shape the information to make your application successful. Please contact us.