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3 Tips for Getting an Australian Visa for Thai Citizen

International travel can be fraught with complications and mishaps. Simply requesting the Visa should be a seamless part of the adventure, but often it’s not.  There are many barriers to quickly obtaining an Australian visa for Thai citizens. Language is one, acquiring all of the proper documentation and identification is another.

Here are a few ways to make the migration process easier.

1. It helps to have bilingual communication skills

Having someone who is able to communicate easily and seamlessly in both languages is of great benefit.  The Visa Express Group specializes in communicating with Thai officials to ensure that all of the applicable paperwork is completed properly and submitted quickly. It’s important that the Thai citizen understands the expectations of the Australian Embassy and that everyone who is helping process paperwork has had a security screening and is certified to engage in the process of helping. It’s a matter of national security for both countries and something everyone can appreciate, in spite of the fact that it sometimes makes things difficult.

2. Understand and comply with Thai Officials and the Embassy of Australia.

There are so many requirements for Thai nationals to be aware of when visiting Australia. Both countries have certain expectations and rules that are designed to protect their national interests. If you’re overwhelmed by all of the requirements and rules it’s important to work with an agency that’s dedicated to helping you understand the procedures and processes. The last thing anyone wants is to be the focus of an international investigation.

3. Be clear about the purpose of your visit.

The Thai migration authorities have clear and specific categories of travelers with different requirements for each group.  Will the Thai citizen be working, visiting friends or family, vacationing alone or with someone? Officials will want to see that the citizen has the financial resources to complete their travel plans and make it home safely.

If you’re researching how to help a Thai citizen get an Australian Visa then be sure to contact us to learn more about how the process works within both countries. Knowledge is power and it’s always wise to trust professionals rather than to stumble blindly along a course that’s unknown.

Support Whirlwind Romances and Get an Australian Prospective Marriage Visa

Did you meet the man (or woman) of your dreams on your last trip to Australia?  Or did an Australian citizen visit Thailand and sweep you off your feet?  Whirlwind romances like this are extremely common.  So you shouldn’t think that you’re being impractical just because you’ve only known your prospective spouse for a short amount of time.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Theory of First Impressions

According to Malcolm Gladwell, bestselling author of books like The Tipping Point and Blink, people actually make up their minds about their prospective partners in the first few seconds of knowing them.  Your first reaction to a person is going to be permanent, whether you like it or not.  And everybody has experienced this at some point or the other in their everyday lives.  You meet certain people and you just walk away with a negative idea about them, not knowing why.  And at times, you meet other people and it’s love at first sight.  It happened to Romeo and Juliet.  So it could happen to you too.

Learning To Trust Your Instincts

Gladwell says that people try to push aside their first impressions about people in an effort to be polite.  You don’t want to appear like the kind of person who jumps to conclusions or behaves irrationally.  But human beings aren’t, after all, completely rational beings.  We are often ruled by our emotions and this is a good thing.  So if you’ve fallen in love in a short period of time, trust your instincts and go ahead and make those plans to move to Australia.

Getting an Australian Prospective Marriage Visa

You don’t have to worry too much about getting an Australian prospective marriage visa.  As long as all your documents are in order and your prospective spouse is willing to fill out the necessary documents to sponsor you, you should be fine.  And if you have any questions about what documents need to be gathered together and filled out, we’re here to help you get everything ready.  You’re at the point in your life where everything is about to change.  You’re going to acquire a partner and you’ll have to learn to live in a new country.  So make things easier on yourself and contact us to get an Australian prospective marriage visa.


The Australian Visa Blog – Voted online as the “Pattaya’s Most Informative and Reliable Blog About Visas and Immigration for Thais” in 2015 !


Get an Australian Visa Service in Thailand and Focus on Planning Your Trip or Move to Australia

If you’ve never gone through the process of getting a visa, you might find it to be a little frustrating.  Not only do you have to fill out the right forms, you also have to provide documentation about your upcoming trip or move to a certain country.  If you don’t get a certain part of the application process right, you might be denied a visa.  And that would mean starting things over from scratch.  It’s also something that can make you a little bit nervous.

The Convenience of an Australian Visa Service

If you get an Australian visa service in Thailand, you don’t have to worry about getting all the steps right because we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.  We’ll simplify the process of getting a visa by telling you exactly what you need to turn in to successfully get an Australian visa.  If you get all the documentations right on the first go, things become very convenient for you and you can take your trip to Australia or plan your move there in peace.  If you have someone awaiting your arrival in Australia, they can rest easy too because we’ll coordinate with them to make sure that all your necessary documents are turned in.

Planning Your Trip or Move to Australia

If you’re planning a trip or a move, you’re probably quite excited about it, and there are many things to be taken care of.  You’ll have to buy a plane ticket, either round-trip or one way.  You’ll have to pack all your things.  And you might have to purchase new clothes that are suitable for the climate in Australia.  In terms of electronics as well, you’ll probably need to get an adaptor so that you can convert the voltage from Thai terms into Australian terms.  You’ll have to make sure that you have roaming or can buy a different SIM card for your phone.

For women, toiletries are also important.  Thailand has a mostly tropical climate whereas different parts of Australia have different climates, some tropical, others temperate.  So depending on where you’re going, you might have to buy some creams and lotions to prevent dryness in your skin.  If you’re actually moving to Australia, you’ll have to find a place to stay for you and your spouse-to-be.  Plus, once you get there,  you’ll have to furnish the place, look for a job and generally get settled in.

In the middle of this hubbub, make your life a little bit easier and contact us to do the work of getting your visa.


The Australian Visa Blog – Voted online as the “Pattaya’s Most Informative and Reliable Blog About Visas and Immigration for Thais” in 2015 !


Strengthen Intimacy in Your Marriage with an Australian visa for your Thai wife

Waiting for an Australian visa for your Thai wife seems daunting, but this is an opportunity to learn to love your sweetheart in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Healthy intimacy involves many factors. For instance, there is mutual trust, closeness, open communication, willingness to apologize, and appropriate boundaries.

Intimacy in the relationship comes in 5 main forms.

1. Emotional Intimacy: While you and your sweetheart are apart, you can connect emotionally by openly communicating about your feelings. Webcam, phone calls, emails, and even snail mail can be a way to communicate.

2. Mental or Intellectual Intimacy: Talking about issues that matter to you is important. You can set goals together and work towards them. Of course, your first goal is to get an Australian Visa so you can be together. However, looking beyond that time and setting other goals can build a certainty of your future together.

3. Financial Intimacy: In the beginning of your relationship, it is beneficial to discuss financial expectations and come to a mutual understanding of how finances will be handled. According to one study, marriages that have separate bank accounts often lack financial intimacy.

4. Recreational Intimacy: This area is all about spending time together in enjoyable leisure pursuits. While you are apart, read a book or watch a movie together via webcam.  You can find many two-player computer games to play together at this website.

5. Sexual Intimacy: Sexual intimacy is one of the more important aspects to bring closeness and togetherness to a relationship. Once again, communication about expectations is a good place to start. Discuss frequency and activities you both enjoy.  Once you have your visa, you will be able to build intimacy even more in this area.

Intimacy is a lifelong journey because we, as people, are constantly growing and changing. We must make our relationship a priority or we may grow apart.

Allow Australian Visa Express to handle your visa application so you can focus on strengthening your new relationship. If you need more information on the process, contact us  or follow us on Twitter.

By Paul Aslett


The Australian Visa Blog – Voted online as the “Pattaya’s Most Informative and Reliable Blog About Visas and Immigration for Thais” in 2015 !


Australian Visa Service Thailand: Helping You Deal with the Frustrations of Waiting for a Visa

There are many frustrations that come along with applying for a visa in order to have your significant join you from Thailand in settling down with you in Australia. At Australian Visa Express, we want to make this process a bit easier for you and the person you love. We will help you to better understand the process and figure out what needs to be done to get it moving along a bit quicker.

Information on qualifying for a visa:

In order to receive a visa, obviously you will want to be sure that you qualify. This means that you and your significant other must be in a genuine relationship. This means you must be married before applying for a visa, or engaged, or even living together. Plus, one of the two of you must be an Australian citizen in order to apply for a partner visa.

Information on proof you must provide:

To prove that you are someone who will qualify for the visa, you must have a marriage license indicating when the two of you were married. This will help to prove that no application for a visa was done prior to getting married. You must also be able to prove that you have met before becoming engaged, as well as have some personal knowledge of each other.

If you need further assistance with receiving a visa, be sure to visit our Australian visa service Thailand. You can contact us and we will be glad to help with your process. We will help to guide you through filling out the forms and we even have bilingual services to help with communication and better understanding of the process. Since the fees for applying for a visa is expensive, having this proper guidance will help to ensure that your money has not gone to waste on the process.

By Paul Aslett


5 Ideas to make your Long-Distance Relationship Work While you Await an Australian Visa

Over 3 million married couples and 4 million singles worldwide have long-distance relationships.  While you wait for an Australian Visa for your sweetheart, here are some tips to help your relationship thrive.

1.  Connect via Webcam:  If you don’t have a webcam, get one.  Many laptops come equipped with them.  All you have to do is download Microsoft Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype or any other video chatting software.  Log yourself in, and prepare the room behind you because it will be on camera, too.  Then “invite” your partner to enter a chat room.  Voila!  Private face-to-face contact as often as you like.

2.  Play a game together:  There are so many online games that you can play together.  Add in Instant Messaging (IM) and it’s almost like you are in the same room.  Just as if you were dating locally, continuing to “date” your long-distance partner is critical in keeping the relationship healthy.

3.  Watch movies and TV shows together:  You can either do this by each renting the same movie or you can stream them simultaneously on Netflix or Hulu.  Once again, discussing the movie by IM or webcam can be an activity that will bring you closer.

4.  Play 100 Questions:  The distance between you and your sweetheart is a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better over time.  There may be times when you find a lull in the conversation.  By asking some of the questions at the website 100 Questions to Know Your Partner , you will get to know your partner better than ever.  Laughing and sharing together is memorable and a key ingredient in a thriving relationship.

5.   Communicate expectations:  Probably one of the biggest sources of frustration and conflict is not clearly communicating your expectations of the relationship.  Be straight-forward.  Explain your feelings.  And then listen to their feelings.  Try to head off feelings of jealousy and fear by giving voice to them.  Remember that you are two different people and have different experiences, opinions, and ideas about how this long-distance relationship will work.

Last of all, get help.  Speed up the process of getting an Australian visa for your Thai sweetheart by contacting us.  Australian Visa Express will expertly handle your application so that your long-distant relationship will soon be a warm memory, and you can hold your Thai sweetheart in your arms everyday.


The Australian Visa Blog – Voted online as the “Pattaya’s Most Informative and Reliable Blog About Visas and Immigration for Thais” in 2015 !


Australian Migration Agent Thailand for a Stress-free Visa Process

The application procedures can be cumbersome for many seeking an Australian visa for someone’s own use or to arrange a loved one getting permission for a fun trip or a permanent move to Australia. Australian migration agents in Thailand can help with all the processes involved in the application procedure with their experience and great desire to help. Australian migration agents will facilitate an easy, stress-free way to bring you or your loved one to Australia.

The visas that a migration agent assist with include those that can be tourist, partner, spouse, de-facto, prospective marriage, or dependent children visas.  The Thai staff we have locally are very accustomed to local Thai and foreign Australian regulations and can answer any questions you have.

Even if you have been refused in the past for an Australian visa, there is no need to get discouraged.  We are here to help.  The Australian Embassy in Bangkok rejecting visas is a daily occurrence.  However, if this fits your current situation, our qualified Australian migration agents in Thailand will closely examine your rejected visa application and ascertain the reasons why this happened.  After this thorough review is complete, an agent can simply reapply for you and help you through the rest of the steps with ease.

You have different options available for you to receive the visa application help needed, based on what is most convenient or preferred by you.  You or the special Thai individual in your life can come to our office in Pattaya to receive in-person assistance and provide needed documentation, or you can mail the needed documents and forms to a migration agent.  If time is of the essence in your visa needs, there also is an expedited option to speed up your partner or tourist visa application available to you.

Whether you are wishing to begin an Australian visa process or your visa application has been refused in the past, we are here to help and take the stress away from the application procedure process.  To get started or to find our more, contact us.

Quickly Acquiring An Australian Tourist Visa

Quickly acquiring an Australian tourist visa is a necessary item on many people’s to-do lists.  The tourist who taking a quick vacation to Australia must be able to get their visa approved before they travel to Australia.  The family members who are coming to visit must be able to get their visas approved in time to make plans with their loved one who lives in Australia and touring groups that are traveling to Australia must have a surefire method of getting their entire group into the country safely and legally.

Having a visa application expedited with this service helps every person in a tour group or family to make their to Australia more easily.  The beauty of this service is that it is all handled by someone else.  Many people are not sure how to get their Australian tourist visas approved quickly, but they can rest assured that our qualified staff can fill out the necessary paperwork, get the necessary signatures and submit the applications through the right channels to get the visa approved just as fast as possible.

Rather than simply submitting the application and hoping that it is approved on time, please contact us so that we can begin an expedited Australian tourist visa for you.  We will ensure that the visa application is done correctly and submitted in a timely fashion.  Not only do we want you to visit our beautiful nation, but we want you to feel less stressed before you get here.  Whether you’re coming next week, next month or next year, there is a way for us to help with your tourist visa today.

Three things you didn’t know about Australian visa application

You think you know Australian visa application, but here are a trio of things you may not know.

  • There is always a second chance: Have you tried the visa application on your own and got denied? The Australian embassy in Bangkok rejects several applications a day for various reasons. These reasons may be something very trivial like a space filled in incorrectly, but they can also be something else. Our trained experts can help you find your second chance by looking at the your application, reason for denial, and then give advice on what to do next. Remember, there is always a second chance.
  • Love is inseparable: Sometimes life takes us to places we didn’t expect, and loved ones get left behind temporarily while we look for a fresh start. That separation is hard on those that have to go through it. Visa applications shouldn’t be the hold up when reuniting loved ones. We can help bring de facto partners, partners, and whole families together because we believe in the power of love and the good work that goes into seeing the application filled out right.
  • You pay for what you get: In a world of uncertainties, we believe that you should only pay for what you get. We ask for a small fee to get the process started, but you only pay for the full professional service if we see that your visa application is accepted. You win, we win. And that’s the way it should be.

Keep these trio of things in mind when looking at Australia as your new home, a place to visit, or anything in between. There is always a second chance for you and your family with very little financial risk.

Want to know more about our process? Have concerns about your case?To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.


The Australian Visa Blog – Voted online as the “Pattaya’s Most Informative and Reliable Blog About Visas and Immigration for Thais” in 2015 !


Australian Tourist visa For Thai citizens

Getting an Australian tourist visa for a Thai citizen can be a tiresome  helpful and free Australian immigration advice can be found here at the Pattaya Visa Forum. Many of the questions clients ask about a Australian visa application as a general tourist are as follows;

What is condition 8503 no further stay?

If condition 8503 has been imposed on your visa, it means you cannot apply for another visa (other than a protection visa or a temporary visa of a specified kind) to extend your stay while you are in Australia. Once you depart Australia condition 8503 will not prevent you from applying for other visas.

When does the visa start from is it from the issue date?

The visa is valid from the date the visa holder enters Australia. The visa will be marked last date to enter Australia for example August 01 2014. If you do not enter by this date your visa will be invalid.

What Australian Tourist visas are available for Thai citizens?

The Australian visas are for 3,9,12 month’s duration some are for single entry some are multi entry visas.

Will my partner require a Medical or a police check for a tourist visa?

The applicant will need a medical if she intends staying in Australia over 3 months, but if she has a multi entry 12 month visa with a maximum stay of 3 months she will not require a medical. A police check is not a requirement for  a Australian Tourist visa for Thai citizen.If you require more help and advice contact Australian Visa Express we can process your visa application on a no win no fee basis guaranteed. We can offer you help and assistance with any visa application contact us free help and advice.

Australian visa for Thai girlfriend travel and relocation

Finding an Australian visa for Thai girlfriend travel and relocation is very important for clients wishing to get a visa for her to travel from her country to Australia.  While some Australian guys may need a visa for their bride-to-be, other Australian citizens may have met their Thai lady online and simply need a way to get her in the country.These Australian visa services are very special because the visa application process must occur in English.  However, there are many Thai nationals that do not speak English.  With the help of our visa service, every person who wants to fill out a visa application in Australia can get the application for a visa  done prepared correctly we can fill in all the immigration forms on her behalf.

Also, guys who are marrying their Thai girlfriends must be certain that they are prepared to offer the right documentation along with the visa application.  Rather than researching and hoping that the right information is provided to the Australian government, a sponsor can have the application filled out properly, the right documents submitted and the visa application expedited.

This visa application service is designed to streamline the process for Thai people who are unfamiliar with the visa application process.  So many people out there have their visas held up because they do not complete the application properly or submit the right documentation.  Our service ensures that the application is done right the first time.

For more help with your visa, contact us and find out how you can get your Thai girlfriend from Thailand to Australia as quickly as humanly possible

Give Your Special Someone the Best Gift for Valentine’s Day, an Australian Partner Visa

Love is everywhere in February and has many couples proposing marriage or planning Valentine’s Day weddings. Love knows no boundaries and today more than ever, intercultural relationships are becoming a norm. Bring your loved one to your side with an Australian partner visa.

If you have reached the point of wanting to bring your Thai partner to Australia to be introduced to the family or to get married, you have already overcome many challenges. You most likely have overcome language barriers and cultural differences to build this relationship. You have invested time and the heartache of a long distance relationship, but you have overcome all those challenges and have a love that transcends world borders. One aspect that can’t be risen above is the laws of this world.

These rules and regulations can be daunting and put strain on your relationship, but coming together to form a loving family is worth all the headaches of bureaucratic red tape. Marrying outside ethnicity isn’t a new thing in Australia…

“In 2009 there were 120,118 marriages recorded in Australia. About 42% involved at least one partner who was not Australian born.”

The demographics also show that 15% Australian-born women and 17.4% of Australian-born men go on to marry someone that is not an Australian native. So be it either male or female, many Australians have overcome all the challenges and burdens of bureaucratic red tape to marry someone from other countries.

It may be too late to actually bring your loved one to your side by Valentine’s Day but you can show your special someone that you are completely devoted to the relationship and set the wheels in motion by Valentine’s Day to prove that love and devotion. If you would like to bring your Thai partner to Australia for a visit or to get married and don’t want the frustration of the visa application process, we can offer our migration advice &  assistance to give your partner the best gift ever this Valentine’s Day


The Australian Visa Blog – Voted online as the “Pattaya’s Most Informative and Reliable Blog About Visas and Immigration for Thais” in 2015 !


Australian Tourist Visa for Thai Girlfriend?

Have you been in a relationship for some time, have you visited your Thai girlfriend in Thailand on several occasions?

Do you have call records, email, and chat logs?

Would you like her to visit you in Australia?

Would you like to take your Thai partner to Australia to meet your friends & family members, lots of Thai girls would love to visit Australia. This would also give you the chance to move your relationship forward so it’s an obvious choice to apply for an Australian tourist visa.

If you feel that you need professional help with your application and you have no idea on how to get an Australian visa for my Thai girlfriend. 

If you require Australian immigration advice you may wish to contact a migration agent in Thailand. They will have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you professionally prepare and submit your visa application giving you the best chance of success.

Contact Australian Visa Express on a no win no fee basis you cannot go wrong. They will prepare all the application on your behalf, they also have a large office in central Pattaya they employ native Thai citizens keeping costs down.

 Should I Do the visa application myself?

What if I decide to prepare the application myself this would my Thai lady understand she has to sign the visa application forms & go to VFS Australia in Bangkok to submit it?

Maybe I should contact an Australian migration agent in Thailand I have seen many visa agency’s advertising in Pattaya. They could do the full application on my behalf whilst I continue working in Australia.

You would stand a much better chance of success.

Do not  risk failure if you love your Thai girlfriend and you need to employ a professional visa service . Your Thai lady could be in Australia within 4 weeks its that easy.

Get in touch with  Australian Visa Express  for more visa advice contact these guys and save time and money no visa no fees.


New Country, New Life: Tips on How to Cope with Changes

Those who dream starting a new life in another country always associate positive things with this prospect. There’s always the thought of meeting new friends, opening bigger doors for personal growth, and seeing the world in a new perspective too look forward to. True, new beginnings are beautiful and worth looking forward to, but things are not always so easy. Among the dilemmas a migrant may face are the difficulties in adapting to the host country’s culture and dealing with feelings of strange familiarity.

In case you want to bring your Thai girlfriend to Australia, help her learn how to cope with the expected changes. Below are some of the things you need to remind her about before she finally books her ticket and bids goodbye to her family & friends.

Encourage Her to Learn the Language

Nothing can make a person feel more left out than not knowing at least the basic of the host country’s language. With this, you need to encourage your girlfriend to invest in learning the language so she can easily start new friendships, find new work, and adapt to the culture. Of course, this will be hard work, but you’ll see its results once she’s successfully ordered food at a restaurant without hesitating.

Help Her be Familiar

Your girlfriend may feel like a tourist at first and get an impression that everything is wonderful, but once she stays a couple of months in the country, she’ll see routines and small customs that may either fascinate or shock her. Help her avoid the shock by encouraging her to familiarise herself with the traditions of the place where she will live. Feed her as much information as possible, or if she wants a first-hand experience, encourage her to frequent places in Thailand with a heavy expat population.


Encourage her to maintain a close connection with her loved ones, even if she is going away. She doesn’t have excuses not to do this because we live in an age where communication is made easier by the Internet and flights are more affordable than ever.

Moving abroad can be one of the most difficult decisions your partner will make to be with you. Make sure that you and your girlfriend’s goals are realistic and practical before finalising everything. In case you need help with a visa application for your girlfriend in Thailand, you can always contact us, and our migration agents will be more than happy to assist with your visa application.

We can assist with your Australian visa application in pattaya Thailand contact Australian Visa Express today free immigration advice


The Australian Visa Blog – Voted online as the “Pattaya’s Most Informative and Reliable Blog About Visas and Immigration for Thais” in 2015 !


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