New Website Launch

Yes. Australian Visas Express has revamped its Webpage. And looking forward to hear from you with our new interactive functions.

As you may know, we’ve been doing Australian Visas for over a decade.

No need to beat about the bush, we will give you the straight answers that you need to get your Thai loved one to Australia. Whether it is a Visa for a tourist, fiancée, partner or spouse we we will help get her down under fast. You can count on us!

And another thing, we have a 100% conversion rate – what that means is, if it is unlikely to succeed, we will give you frank advice – we do not charge you a penny for our services until we get the visa in your Thai Lady’s hand. If there are difficult circumstances, we have the experience to navigate you through them. Our Expat Experts will guide you through the complicated visa application process.

Many applicants underestimate the hassle of getting the financial support documents and the proof of relationships, which are just the tip of the iceberg of requirements for Australian Visa application paperwork. And then when you add in the human factor of mutual Thai and Australian family ties, inter-cultural differences, language and miscommunication, and you will start to get a feeling for the complexity of some visa applications, and what can go wrong when you are not familiar with the process. You know what we mean – any misunderstanding, and it is all “Up to You” . . . . . . .

So – Please let us take the strain, and allow you to sit back and relax.



P.S. If you are Australian and you need help getting a Thai Visa, we are also right here at your service. We are Expats residing in Bangkok and Pattaya, available to assist you with your Non-Immigrant visa renewal, Retirement Visa, Marriage Visa, Thai Work Permit, or any other immigration questions. Australian Visa Express works hand-in-hand with Thai Visa Express. You may either follow this link (contact: Thai Visa Express) or you may click on the Contact Tab at the right for our rapid attention !

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