Partner Visa Australia

Partner Visa Australia – Partner VisaPartner  Visa Australia

Apply for a partner visa Australia this allows you to sponsor your partner to migrate to Australia permanently.Applications in Thailand are classed as offshore applications, this visa type is suitable for couples who have met abroad & wish to settle in Australia. Your husband must be an Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen to apply for this type of visa. The current processing time is 12 months in Bangkok Thailand so its imperative you get it right first time, in some instances you can apply for a tourist visa whilst your partner visa is being processed. You must take into account a decision on your spouse visa Australia cannot be taken whilst the applicant is off-shore ( in Australia) on holiday for example.

Partner Visa Australia – Spouse Visa Australia How To Qualify?

This partner visa Australia is issued for a 2 year period after 2 years you may apply for permanent residence in Australia.How to qualify for a spouse visa Australia you must meet the following requirements :

  • You must be married
  • You must meet the health requirements
  • You must meet the genuine relationship requirements
  • You must meet the health requirements

All Australian spouse visa applications must be sponsored by their partner who must be 18 or over for you to qualify. This is a two stage process & you are entitled to the following benefits whilst on your temporary visa.

  • Work
  • Study
  • Medicare
  • Certain social security benefits

Partner Visa obligations?

You must maintain your relationship over a 2 year period or you may not qualify for permanent residence.

What We can Do For you ?

  • ¬†Completion of immigration forms
  • relationship statements
  • Consultation in English & Thai
  • Assistance with police checks
  • Booking of medicals
  • Visa submission
  • Translations

If you require further help with your partner visa Australia application contact us today fee visa assessment.